Figure Sketching Made Simple

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This online class on the C platform is designed specifically for anyone who is intimidated by the idea of sketching figures from life. Instead of relying on anatomy study and proportions, you will jump right in and draw freely and gesturally to get past your fear of drawing figures. 

As you move through the 6 lesson series you will learn to draw using a technique called line-of-action capture, and will draw figures full of life and energy. I use video to teach the techniques I use to sketch on location, so this is a great class for urban sketchers, plein air painters and sketchbook artists.

The Craftsy platform encourages you to post your work and ask questions as you work through your lessons. I’ll answer all your questions and would love to see your work. And, I promise you will have fun working through these lessons.


People and Places: Life in Contrast

In this workshop, you will create sketches with both people and architectural elements. You will mix styles and tools for sketches filled with life and vitality.

July 27th-30th
7th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester, UK
Symposium registration opens March 5th, 2016

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Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd 

Learn to draw quick, gestural figures and put them together to capture a crowd on location.
Taught in Singapore, Summer 2015 and in locations all over the San Francisco Bay Area including San Francisco, Sausalito, Berkeley and Los Gatos.

Never Fear the People

Drawing people on the move fearlessly.
Taught in Brazil, Summer 2014 and in locations all over the San Francisco Bay Area.


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